Pro Careers, Inc.
  Non-Medical Care for Adults and Seniors

About Us

Meet Pro Careers, Inc. Co-founders...

Clifford C. Smith, BA, MST, MS, President.

Carolyn S. Smith, Vice President & Secretary

Pro Careers Inc. was started in 1991 in Charleston, WV.  The company has expanded gradually over the years to offices in three states -- WV., VA. & TN. From the beginning the company has served the Elderly, the Handicapped and Disabled with Homemakers and Personal Care Aides  under  the Medicaid Waiver program and via private pay.  Pro Careers seeks to provide the care and respect those in need deserve.

Corporate Office
(800) 696-8421

(800) 538-2840

(877) 209-1271

West Virginia
(800) 924-0028

Licensed - Insured - Bonded


Pro Careers, Inc. was founded by Carol and Clifford Smith.  They have displayed extraordinary customer service, caring for thousands of individuals in need of care and assistance since 1991.
Social Assessment & Careful Matching

We begin by meeting with your family member in his or her residence to gather information and get to know one another.  Information is taken from our discussions, assessment with the family, the client, and other professionals.

After reviewing what we've learned, we carefully make a companion selection and introduction.  Great care is taken to match the most suited companion for each person.

The human element of respect, genuine concern and warm, caring communication are the most important aspects of our work.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Selection of an appropriate companion is only the beginning of our role in enhancing your loved one's quality of life.  The progress of the relationship is constantly monitored through our communication with you, your loved one, and our companion.  We are then able to answer questions, resolve problems, and make recommendations for adjustments as needed.
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